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Spiritual Disciplines and the Central Strategy for Fighting Guilt

For many of us, spiritual disciplines and guilt go together like chicken and garlic (it’s a thing, trust me). As soon as someone even mentions having a daily quiet time our guilt radar gets a ping. We feel bad that we don’t read the Bible enough, pray enough, and we can often feel that in… Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines and the Central Strategy for Fighting Guilt

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Why Christians Should Watch Noah

Aronofsky’s Noah has been out for just over a week, and it’s already stirred up a lot of controversy. Even amongst Christians, there’s been a wide range of responses. I’ve read a bunch of different articles from different perspectives, but really wanted to wait until I’d seen the movie before I could make my own judgement. My wife and I… Continue reading Why Christians Should Watch Noah

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Advent is Under Way!

This Sunday just past marks the start of the season of Advent. The word ‘Advent’ comes from the Latin adventus, which means a coming, arrival, or approach. And so in the season of advent, the four Sundays before Christmas, we think about the approach of Jesus and anticipate His coming.