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Spiritual Disciplines and the Central Strategy for Fighting Guilt

For many of us, spiritual disciplines and guilt go together like chicken and garlic (it’s a thing, trust me). As soon as someone even mentions having a daily quiet time our guilt radar gets a ping. We feel bad that we don’t read the Bible enough, pray enough, and we can often feel that in… Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines and the Central Strategy for Fighting Guilt

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Why Christians Should Watch Noah

Aronofsky’s Noah has been out for just over a week, and it’s already stirred up a lot of controversy. Even amongst Christians, there’s been a wide range of responses. I’ve read a bunch of different articles from different perspectives, but really wanted to wait until I’d seen the movie before I could make my own judgement. My wife and I… Continue reading Why Christians Should Watch Noah


40,000 Denominations Worldwide – Christianity Divided?

Some critics of Christianity are keen to point out that, according to best estimates, there are roughly 40,000 Christian denominations worldwide. This is an astoundingly large figure, and some see it as evidence that Christianity is divided; if Christians can’t even agree amongst themselves, how can they make exclusive claims about absolute truth? 


Irresistible Cakes

Just in case the title of this post misleads you, let me clarify, there are no recipes for delicious cakes here (I’m sorry). If that’s what you came for, allow me to direct you here. Otherwise, read on for some delicious brain food.