Should Christians Submit to Corrupt Governments?

We see corrupt and unjust governments all around us. In our newsfeeds and our history books we see countless examples of human authorities that abuse their power – governments that are rife with corruption, injustice, and oppression. In light of all this, Romans 13:1 is troubling. It says, “Everyone must submit themselves to the governing authorities,… Continue reading Should Christians Submit to Corrupt Governments?

Theological Reflection

The World Has Changed – Should We Still Be Sending Missionaries?

The world has changed a lot in the last hundred years. A lot of things that used to make sense no longer do. A lot of people ask the question: is overseas missions one of those things? Should we still be sending missionaries overseas? That’s a legitimate question, and there are many reasons people raise… Continue reading The World Has Changed – Should We Still Be Sending Missionaries?

Theological Reflection

Does Christianity Breed Arrogance?

One of the many things that puts people off about Christianity is that they see Christians as arrogant. Christians think they are morally superior to those around them, they think that they are righteous, part of God’s “in-crowd.” In fact, some go further: it’s not that just some Christians happen to be arrogant. Rather, Christianity by… Continue reading Does Christianity Breed Arrogance?

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Why ‘Freedom of Speech’ vs. ‘Freedom from Consequences’ Doesn’t Make Sense

In recent debates about freedom of speech and censorship, it is often claimed that “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.” You can say what you want, it is argued, but that doesn’t protect you from facing the consequences of your actions.