Irresistible Cakes

Just in case the title of this post misleads you, let me clarify, there are no recipes for delicious cakes here (I’m sorry). If that’s what you came for, allow me to direct you here. Otherwise, read on for some delicious brain food.

A while back I asked my older brother Jibb to write a Shakespearean sonnet on Irresistible Grace. I had been giving him random assignments to write Calvinist poetry, and this was the latest cab off the rank.

He took a while to get around to writing this poem, and by the time he found inspiration for it, he ended up with a sonnet about cakes instead.

Honestly, I don’t know how he does it. Enjoy.

Irresistible Cakes

A baker travels far across the land,

Whose cakes, once seen, can never be refused.
Not that the baker ever forced one’s hand,
But always are they wanted once perused.

Though many try describe these cakes by word,
Description isn’t irresistible.
So some dismiss the cakes of which they’ve heard,
And famished, find their pangs unfixable.

But others go to where the baker’s gone,
Then nervously, they ask to see the cakes.
And everyone to whom a cake is shown,
With joy, delights in what the baker makes.

Not ever has a customer regretted
The cake for which they’re evermore indebted.

For those of you who are familiar with the beautiful doctrine of Irresistible Grace, you’ll appreciate the hidden nuances tucked away in this little sonnet. I just find myself reading it over and over again.

If you liked Jibb’s poem, you can check out one of his more complex creation’s here.

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