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I’ve decided that I might start posting some of my very amateur poetry up on my blog. First, just a disclaimer, my poetry is very, very amateur. I’ve only really written one poem, actually. And besides that, I don’t intend to be writing a lot of poetry, so I don’t know how much will end up featuring on the blog. But regardless, I’ve written one poem, and I intend on posting it!

First up, a short introduction. My poem is called TULIP, and it is actually an acrostic of an acrostic. For those who might not know, TULIP is already an acronym, standing for a collection of doctrines (sometimes called the ‘doctrines of grace’) that are distinctive of a Reformed theological understanding. Very exciting, I know.

I have tried to write the poem in such a way that even those who are unfamiliar with the doctrines of TULIP will still understand the meaning of the poem. For those who are familiar, however, you’ll notice that each line of the acrostic corresponds roughly to the idea of that particular doctrine which it matches. Oh, and this was written under the conditions set by my brother Jibb, and accordingly, each line has precisely twelve syllables, and rhymes.

So, without further ado:

To the depths we are sinful, the fruit of the fall,
Undeservedly chosen, a remnant, not all,
Life died for our redemption, now freed from our thrall,
In awe of our new freedom, accepting his call,
Put safe in his keeping, ’til the new age befall.

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