My First Blog Post

As the name suggests, this is quite simply my first blog post. Nothing fancy. I’ve never blogged before, but a few different things have come together in the last few weeks in such a way that I decided I might as well start a personal blog. As this is my first blog post, I might just write a little about why I am blogging.

The main point of me blogging is just to put my thoughts into words, and help me reflect on things and process them in a different way. I think writing helps you to sharpen your thoughts because it forces you to express them in a concrete way. Why not just use a journal then, you ask? Well, I think blogging is different, because even though I doubt many/any people will read my blog, the fact that a blog is publicly available affects how and what I write. Basically, I think that a blog will help me to sharpen my writing because I will be assuming someone might be reading what I’m writing.

I’m also blogging just for the sake of practicing blogging and getting a feel for it, because blogging can be a great way to speak one’s mind about important matters of life and faith. I am looking forward to spending my life in church ministry, and I think that blogging is one of the many valuable ways that exists to getting one’s thoughts out there. So why not start now?

Well, that’s about all I have to say. I might try get a real blog post going up soon, I’ve got a few that I’ve been thinking about…

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